MEDIS is a new solution for storing,
accessing and sharing medical records.


Based on decentralized network technology, the system uses an encrypted, distributed storage solution and offers easy access to medical data, leveraging mobile networks and three-factor authentication for security. By creating and using our medical currency, we can also easily compare and contrast medical procedures globally.
Using the MediCoin cryptocurrency patients can quickly pay for services and products offered by other ecosystem participants, or even get paid for providing their medical data to research institutions or hospitals. Companies can invite patients to new medical studies and pay rewards for participation in the same currency.

Wouldn't it be great

to get health related services, just because you've been collecting and providing your own health data?

...which you do anyway?

Join MyMEDIS as a patient and offer your valuable health data to better medicine for all, and get paid to do it.

Sneak a peek: User Interface design, interaction scenarios infographic

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People nowadays generate a huge amount of personal data every minute, which they provide to companies unknowingly for free.

But should everyone simply give their data away for free?

What if you could earn something from the data you provide?

With MEDIS, you can earn MediCOIN in exchange for your data, and spend them when you need treatment, medication or healthcare services.

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Current issues

What we deal with nowadays

Records scattered across hospitals, physician offices, labs...
No merged storage solution
No personal oversight
Patient not in control of record use
Some institutions still mailing X-Rays by post
Repetitive filing of forms by patient
No sharing mechanisms
Single point of failure

Your EMR with MEDIS

EMR: Electronic Medical Record

With you all the time: mobile and web access
Patient first: you as patient are in control
Ethereum blockchain-based permissions and audit
Share experiences, review treatments, receive rewards
Targeted advertisements, personalized content
Earn MediCOINs by providing useful data
Spend MediCOINs on treatments, services, products
Compare record information with other patients*
DoS-resistant, redundant distributed storage
Decentralized access control

Sneak a peek: User Interface design, interaction scenarios infographic
White Paper, Hi Res version (PDF, 10MB)

* All medical records are anonymized according to HIPAA requirements prior to being made available for review or download by other entities.

MyMEDIS in the press

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Introducing MyMEDIS

The solution

Your records, yours to control With you all the time Can't be deleted without your permission Data can't be accidentally destroyed Earn rewards in exchange for health data Earn rewards when you post reviews or participate in discussions Spend rewards on products or services offered by partner institutions Decentralized, redundant distributed storage ICO is listed on these sites

Globally Decentralized Medical Data Store

Minimal to no infrastructure cost.
Unified service, decentralized storage.
Voluntary, monetizable participation.
Supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

Read the white paper or contact us for more information.

White paper
Elevator Pitch

Token Sale Terms
SEC Statement

Our team

Aram Kovach
Co-founder & CEO
Entrepreneur with numerous patents, global strategist and technology digerati. Technology consultant and inventor.
Gabriel Ronai
Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer
Developer, project manager & coordinator with 15 years experience in web and API development.

Advisory board

Dr Vladimir Rankovic
Medical Advisor
Dr. Vladimir Rankovic is a cardiologist in Atlantis, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
Dr. Branislav Cobanov Ph.D.
Big Data and Data Mining Specialist
Dr. Branislav Cobanov is a Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase. He has received his Statistics & Data Mining Degree at The Ohio State University. Currently focuses on problems in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Andrea Kovach
Marketing and Social Media Manager
Branding, marketing and social media expert with experience in planning and organizing effective campaigns to connect with the target audience and increase social media following.
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Concept presentation

Disclaimer: the presentation describes a preliminary concept. The system components, operation and behavior mentioned in the video may change during development.

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