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What is MEDIS?

A blockchain-supported system aiming to enhance methods of storage, access and use of electronic health records.
MEDIS is a new approach that aspires to give control to patients over their existing medical records and health related data, while making it instantly available everywhere. The system utilizes distributed storage technology for redundancy and availability, distributed computing for access control and auditing, and strong cryptographic encryption to ensure confidentiality of the content uploaded in the form of medical records, diagnostic imaging and related information.

* All medical records are anonymized according to HIPAA requirements prior to being made available for review or download by other entities.

Token Sale Terms

Token supply distribution:

300 Million MDC

1/3 Sale Tokens
1/3 Reward & Incentive Tokens
1/3 Company Tokens

Total supply: up to 300,000,000 MDC, of which:

  • (100,000,000) available during Token Sale
  • (100,000,000) allocated to company rewards and incentives
  • (100,000,000) retained in time locked wallet for 1 year

Sale cap: 20,000 ETH
Minimum goal: 8,000 ETH

MDC is an Ethereum ERC20 token.
Purchase methods accepted during Token Sale: ETH.

Key Dates
July 2017 White Paper
November 2017 Sale announced
December 1st 2017 Token Sale Start
June 1st 2018 Token Sale End

How to participate

Always make sure you send your Ether to the correct address!

Token Sale Contract Address:


For the sake of simplicity, we are presenting the following steps when using a MyEtherWallet account.


  • Some cryptocurrency knowledge
  • Prior MyEtherWallet experience
  • A funded, ERC20 compliant Ethereum Wallet for sending Ether to the contract, and paying the fees associated with transactions

How to participate

  1. Obtain the contract address from (Do not trust anyone who claims to know a different contract address)
  2. Go to
  3. Load your wallet using any one of the methods listed, for example the Keystore File. Enter the password to your wallet and click the Unlock button
  4. In Address field, enter the contract address you obtained in step 1 above
  5. In Amount to Send field, enter the amount in Ether that you would like to purchase Tokens for
  6. Allow the wallet to suggest a Gas Limit. If it does not autopopulate, enter 200000 or more. If the transaction fails, increase Gas Limit and try again. If you would like your TX to go through more quickly, adjust your gas limit accordingly
  7. Click Generate Transaction button
  8. Check the details of the transaction, and if you are confident, click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction

If all went well, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the page including a link to your transaction on the blockchain. After a while, your account will receive the Token equivalent of your purchase. If you experience problems, make sure you are not trying to purchase before or after the active sale period.

Token and sale details

  • Name: MEDIS Token
  • Symbol: MDC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 300,000,000
  • Sale conversion rate: 5000 (1ETH = 5000MDC)
  • Sale cap: 20,000 ETH
  • Sale goal: 8,000 ETH
  • Other: ERC20 compliant
  • Sale start: December 1st 2017 12:00 UTC
  • Sale end: June 1st 2018 12:00 UTC

Additional documents

How to add the MDC token to Mist or Ethereum Wallet (PDF)
MEDIS Token Sale and Token Smart Contracts fact sheet (PDF)


Aram Kovach
Co-founder & CEO
Entrepreneur with numerous patents, global strategist and technology digerati. Technology consultant and inventor.
Gabriel Ronai
Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer
Developer, project manager & coordinator with 15 years experience in web and API development.

Advisory board

Dr Vladimir Rankovic
Medical Advisor
Dr. Vladimir Rankovic is a cardiologist in Atlantis, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
Dr. Branislav Cobanov Ph.D.
Big Data and Data Mining Specialist
Dr. Branislav Cobanov is a Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase. He has received his Statistics & Data Mining Degree at The Ohio State University. Currently focuses on problems in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning.
Mike Rocke
Business Strategist
Mike Rocke, has joined the advisory board for as a business strategist. Mike brings a wealth of business acumen and business intelligence to the forefront of technology and innovation. More

Avesta Hojjati
Security and Privacy Specialist
Avesta Hojjati is a security researcher and a current Ph.D student at the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research is focused on security and applications of blockchain. In the past, Avesta has been part of Yahoo’s security team (Paranoids) and Symantec’s Website Security business unit.
Andrea Kovach
Marketing and Social Media Manager
Branding, marketing and social media expert with experience in planning and organizing effective campaigns to connect with the target audience and increase social media following.